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What is clairvoyance? The ability of viewing events, people and places from a distant space, but in real time, is a clear case of clairvoyance. The perspective of the subject is of a cinema viewer, witnessing dramatic situations in which they cannot intervene. They can overcome the barriers of time and space and understand before other people the magnitude of a phenomenon that takes place far away. We all have precognitions and we all use our intuition. In more than few occasions, we probably have had the feeling that something is happening, but without understanding what. Psychics are able to see through “the eyes of the mind” concrete images and clear symbols, they can understand what they “see” and they have strong emotions, even if they are not involved in that event.

Is Clairvoyance a Scam? Of course not.

Even scientists have recognized, after conducting many strictly supervised tests and experiments, that a thought can be received even from a distance of hundreds of kilometers, that the eyes of the spirit can see things the eyes of the body have never seen before, things that normally exist in the physical perceivable world. It’s a proven fact that the human beings are able to foresee the future, at least for a short period of time, that we can see through the eyes of someone who is in a completely different place and, sometimes, from another time.


Taking under consideration my experiences and the studies conducted in this domain, I can say that the future is multiple. The future is in constant motion, the future can be predicted, but never in a percentage of 100%. What these people gifted with special capacities are able to see is the probable present, past and future. It is normal and it’s not just a theory, there are different variants of the future. All of them are possible, some are more probable than others.

Since the present is practically inexistent (I will not explain this real and simple theory now), since we are able to change certain things in our lives, by changing our thoughts and emotions, our beliefs and desires, the course of events predicted during the meeting with a psychic can also change. Furthermore, we can choose to act „contrary”, so that some of these predictions will not occur and it’s not a mistake when I say “some”, because certain things exist there “in the unlived time of our lives” and there are certain events that are impossible to avoid.

The majority of psychics are able to see the most probable path we are going to follow. But we can make a lot of changes to this „probable future”, as I mentioned above, by changing our spiritual state for better or worse, which will surely change the future. Sometimes it takes only one hour to change ourselves, sometimes a month or two…We are able to change everything. Yes.

So it’s good to talk to a psychic?

It’s an interesting experience that will open new perspectives about world and life.
It’s good to know certain things about…present and the people surrounding us.
It’s good to meet the truth from our own soul, even if the change of its state depends on us, yes, exactly on ourselves.