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Compatibility between zodiac signs

Each sign of the zodiac has distinct characteristics. And if the differences can be flagrant between two signs, they are also flagrant between two persons of the same sign but of different sex, especially in terms of compatibility of characters, habits. How do you know if your sign is compatible with that of your partner? […]

The Tarot of Marseille

The Tarot of Marseilles is undoubtedly an emblem of the divinatory arts and it is an essential tool for all people who wish to practice divination. But it is also much more than that, and it would be reductive to sum it up to a mere clairvoyant accessory. The Tarot is a true spiritual guide […]

Don’t get the wrong partner… use the tarot advantage

It is always difficult to know whether the feeling of love felt towards another person is truly shared. One of the main advantages of the tarot for a couple, a particular form of the traditional drawing, corresponds to the identification of the compatibility between a man and a woman. No need to waste time in […]

True Love Tarot Reading

Why so many really free prints on the theme of clairvoyance in my site? Because love is sometimes difficult or incomprehensible. Thanks to the clairvoyance at Ruby, it is easier to make the point, to reveal what blocks or what goes wrong to live a life of couple expanded. You may have difficulty meeting the […]

natural clairvoyance: Power or hallucination?

As we all know, priests of religions such as voodoo, umbanda or even shamanism, are attributed powers of natural clairvoyance, however, this type of clairvoyance will be nothing more than a power induced by the intake of different preparations based on herbs hallucinogenic Cause the people who consume them to enter into a kind of […]

How to become a psychic?

When we try to answer the question “how to develop clairvoyance” we say that the first thing to develop must be the third eye, and for it to work the three higher chakras must be fully charged by triple nature spiritual energy flowing from the soul Until the aura. These energies come from three different […]

What is clairvoyance?

Clairvoyance (from the French in the seventeenth century Clair meaning “transparent” and voyant meaning “seeing”) is the ability to obtain information about objects, people, places or physical events through different means to the known human senses, A form of extrasensory perception. The existence of psychic abilities such as clairvoyance are very controversial. Parapsychology explores this […]