Am I Psychic? How can I Develop my Psychic Ability?

Am I Psychic?

Most people are Psychic to some degree or another, it is up to the individual how much he or she chooses to develop their gift.

How can I Develop my Psychic Ability?

You need to locate a Development Circle, this might sound easier than it actually is because Good Development Circles are hard to find. Your first port of call should be your local Spiritualist Organisation or Church, who may be running one or can point you in the right direction to a privately run Circle. The Development Circle should be run by an experienced Medium. The Key to a good development Circle is that everybody must Gel, by this I mean that everybody in the Circle must be totally comfortable with one another and there should be no anonomosity with the group It should be a comfortable situation in which everybody can develop at their own pace. If not comfortable then it is time to move on. To Quote an Old Chinese Proverb “When the Student is ready the Teacher will arrive” if things don’t work out don’t despair Life has a canny way of pointing you in the right direction.

What Happens in a Development Circle, and Do I need one, Could I develop on my own?

Ok, first things first, As mentioned most people are Psychic in one form or another and as such have many different ways of working. Some clairvoyants, see only (by this I mean that scenes or pictures will appear in front of their eyes similar to watching a television screen), others Hear only (by this I mean hear voices), some simply SENSE, and some are a mixture of all three, I fall into this category. Development Circles are good for developing individuals because they have an Experienced Person on hand who’s experience will help you develop in the way that is best for you and develop what you have further. However, what happens if you can’t find one suitable for you, well read on. Firstly you need to learn the arts of relaxation and meditation, there are various good books out there where you will be able to find a method that it right for you. Meditation is very good and forms the basis of clairvoyant activity, it teaches discipline and stillness of the mind, later on in your clairvoyant career you need to rely on this stillness in order to seperate what you are getting from spirit and what is happening in your mind, it sounds complicated but the two are very different, so practice your meditation before commencing any of these exercises below. There are various ways of developing your psychic ability, here are a few suggestions; Don’t laugh but Tea Leaf Reading can be an excellant way to get things going.

First Make your Enquirer a cup of Tea (with Leaves you won’t get very far with a bag), encourage your enquirer to sip down as far as possible, then, when only the dregs of the drink are left swill the cup around and throw out the contents. You have no need to turn the cup around anti-clockwise three times or any such other dramatics. You should be left with patterns in the cup left by the tea leaves. Are you ready to begin? Not quite, Don’t forget to Extend your bubble (as shown below under Psychic Protection) then you can start to read. Pick up the cup and look into it, and you may start to see shapes within the leaves that resemble symbols, pictures, people, etc, etc. Now, forget all those tales of a ship meaning travel, a spoon meaning food, etc, etc. Your guides will show you symbols that will mean something to you, for instance seeing a shape which resembles a ship may well mean travel to one person, but to another it could mean something quite different, for instance the enquirer might build ships, or may work on a ship, the possibilities are endless, but you get the idea. So, while looking in the cup you have seen your symbol, which let’s just say, might resemble a person. Now look closer, is the person male or female? Is the hair long or short? Are they short or tall, are they of large or small stature? Now Look even closer, does their face or body have any characteristics? Do they have a distinct nose for example? Then use your feelings and Intuition, what colour hair do you “SENSE” this person might have?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself as you are carrying out the reading and much more, for instance when you see the image, is is close to another image in the cup, analyse the other image are they connected?, within the cup you might see seasons, which often represent time frames, or you might be lucky enough to see names, initials, dates, remember these are things that should mean something to you, if you don’t understand simply ask your guides to show you the information a different way. So as you will see reading Tea Leaves can indeed develop psychic ability, I hope I have been successful in demonstrating how just looking at a few images in a cup can lead on to much more, try it for yourself on some friends. Remember you must ask Friends first please, you must always get permission from your enquirers first before commencing a reading. Tea leaves are just a tool of divination, but they are a simple cost effective tool which will really teach you to work with your intuition, and you get to sample a lovely cup of tea, absolute bargain! If you don’t like tea, clouds do a similar job. Give it a go you might surprise yourself, when you have finished the reading don’t forget to Close down (Bring in the Bubble).

When you visit a clairvoyant, whether sensing, seeing pictures, hearing voices, etc, etc they will be working hard throughout the reading, making sure that they are hearing and interpreting the messages in an accurate way. As you have seen it can be quite hard work, expertise only comes from experience, by the time most of us are able to give readings we have been working with a guides for a number of years and work well together. I hope I have been able to give a unique insight into how most of us work.