cancer 2018 horoscope – made by a psychic

1st decan (June 21st to July 1st)
From 14th to 23rd January, you take refuge in the arms of your beloved, with your heart beating. What more ? From 5 to 15 March, Venus, the planet of love, rallies to your cause and increases your potential of seduction if possible. You crumble under a ton of invitation, the bachelors are at the angels. They accept all the proposals of exits and this bears fruit. From March 25th to April 3rd, your loving projects are in heavenly line of sight. From August 7 to 18, the goddess of the heart settles with charms and luggage in your decan Inaugurating thus a period rich and fecund in varied emotions. From the 3rd to the 12th of October, it is a period highlight to meet shoe to your foot, it is question of assumed desire, of shared pleasure. The period is pompous and conducive to the flowering of your sentimental life. It is up to you to benefit 100%, in fact, the couples already trained revive a second honeymoon. From the 22nd to the 30th of November, there is talk of confirmation of your bonds, while the bachelors are entertained in tender company.

2nd decan (2 to 12 July)

From the 24th to the 31st of January, you leave to the adventure of feelings with your heart beating. A head-to-head trip would do you the greatest good. From March 16 to 24, you count on your friends to introduce your soul mate to them to play. From the 4th to the 12th of May, Venus settles into your decan inaugurating a period of emotional fulfillment. Your imagination gallops to make your spouse even happier if possible. You tend to erase yourself behind the chosen one of your heart. From the 19th to the 28th of August, it is the holidays in your heart, the bachelors have every interest to leave their den to go to meet the others, on the other. From the 13th to the 20th of October, there is talk of going out, sharing tender moments with the loved one. From 1 to 8 December, it is a blessed time for the hearts already united and especially for the singles in search of a meeting.

3rd decan (13 to 22 July)
From 1 to 7 February, Venus, the goddess of the heart, rallies to your sentimental cause, it is a question of making new contacts, of immersing yourself in new universes. From March 25th to April 2nd, notice to bachelors, accept all invitations from your friends, you would not be disappointed. From 29 August to 5 September, the goddess of the heart, cooed tenderly in your sign. What a sweet moment to share with your half. From the 21st to the 27th of October, love yourself more. It is the Indian summer in your heart, it is about expansion in the field of feelings. Your loves are under the leadership of passion, the temperature climbs a notch to the barometer of sensuality. From December 9th to December 15th, you will blossom like a rose. You conjugate the verb to love at all times. Objective: great happiness.


1st decan (June 21st to July 1st)
From 1 January to 16 March, Jupiter, the great beneficiary, promises you beneficial opportunities, interesting proposals. It is a question of putting back on the table old projects put aside. You have the green light of the cosmos, your projects are in the planetary focus, it’s up to you to show what you are capable of. Rest assured, hands stretch, levers operate on your way. You can count on your relationship to make your business grow fast. You feel stronger because you are supported in your efforts. It is about expansion, well-being, taking your place in the Sun. Here is the heavenly counterpoint of Pluto, the planet of mutations, which faces you, and you feel its destabilizing influences. There are things to be purified, to be swept away, changes to be made, and transformations to be accomplished. Even if it is not always easy to live, you will reap the benefits, it will be like a new birth. Also from 6th October to 31st December, Saturn, the planet of the structure encourages your creativity. If you are at the design stage, you will move on to higher gear, you will be guided, counseled, supported and even supported by allies who will help you in the running of your business. You take the bottle in short, your perseverance will be rewarded. You have set your milestones and now you can advance your pawns on the chessboard of success. It is about achievement, recognition of your creativity. You do not risk scattering in all directions. You have decided to materialize your ideas. From February 4 to December 31, Neptune, the planet of inspiration feeds your imagination, which increases your imaginative potential by a notch. You are teeming with a thousand concepts at the same time, 2012 will be a fertile and imaginative year, with you to optimize to 300% the astral conjuncture.
Vitality: do not neglect your moments of depression, you can act and do something to overcome them.

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