Get ready for the chinese year of the earth dog 2018

As Chinese astrologers point out and not only, this symbol represents a new beginning, on several levels: personal, professional, financial, and the most advantaged are the creative ones who have a different view of things. According to specialists in the field, the Year of the earth dog will help you solve certain problems, evolve, find your way in life, and realize at least part of what you want, regardless of the zodiac sign that governs you. According to chinesenewyearin .com, 2014 will be a better year for people born in the zodiac of the dog: 11 February 1918 – February 16, 1919 (Earth), January 30, 1930 – February 16, 1931 (Metal), February 15, 1942 – February 4, 1943 (Water), 3 February 1954 – 23 January 1955 (Wood), 21 January 1966 – 8 February 1967 (Fire), 7 February 1978 – 27 January 1979 (Earth), 27 January 1990 – 14 February 1991 (Metal), 12 February 2002 – January 31, 2003 (Water).

Many things will change well in 2014 for people born in the dog sign, who may have had financial and amorous problems in previous years. If the people of the dog sign succeed in becoming financially independent, their material situation will become better. All he has to do is administer correctly some aspects of his life. Lucky Colors As the Chinese zodiac looks, 2014 will make the dog sign people more likely to have health problems, especially with lung problems. There will also be a higher risk for them to become victims of accidents. To counteract these bad luck, the natives of the Cal sign are advised to donate blood. In terms of the lucky colors of 2018, they will be, from the point of view of the Chinese zodiac, purple, blue and gray. To increase your luck, wearing wooden accessories. The lucky numbers of the natives in the Cal are 7.3 and 2. All the specialists are the ones who point out that the biggest lesson in 2014 will be that money can not buy true love.

It will be a bizarre year when everything can happen. It is a breakthrough because the dog tends to stimulate winning initiatives and risky actions. This year brave, dreamers and idealists are favored. Favors are those who have the courage to risk to win. This year anything can happen, even the dreams that seem impossible will become reality. It is important to maintain a high level of energy and optimism, to smile and to believe with all our might in our most beautiful desires.

This year, important social movements, riots and system changes can also take place. But on the whole, the Year of the dog is all favorable to us, a year of great optimism and good mood.

Year 2018 is the Earth Dog Year. Capricious and curious, dog Fire leaves behind, where it passes, joy and coaching. From February 8, 2018 until January 27, 2017, we will be under her reign, and maybe we will be able to inspire this sign so alive to work for our happiness, for all.

For people born in this Chinese sign, the New Year will be a positive year. It is the year when you reap the fruits of what you plant in previous years and everything will follow as you expect. Everything will be great even on a sentimental plane. This year, you will show irresistible magnetism to the people around you. Love will feel high. It will be for you an amazing and brilliant year in all aspects of life. It will also work well in terms of finance, projects, ambitions.

Chinese Horoscope 2018: ox

For people born in the Chinese zodiac sign, this year can be a good year to bring you good things in life. For example, a new working opportunity or very nice news in your family. The Chinese ox is characterized by courage, tenacity, perseverance, but does not like the dog games. Thus, this year may bring some challenges to the ox, so it is advisable to act with caution.