Horoscope predictions 2018 by a psychic

First Quarter: You will benefit from the benevolence of Venus. Happy couples will continue to live their happiness for two. All those of you who have seen their couple shake at their bases lately will be able to find a genuine complicity with their spouse or partner. And those who have just experienced a separation will benefit from the same planetary impacts as the solitarians, from the same positive influxes that promise a very interesting encounter. My advise is to also read this 2018 horoscope article written by some famous astrologers.

Second quarter: The impact of the Sun will prove all the more positive for your loves that it will form several harmonic configurations with other planets. Life for two will therefore be pleasant, your spouse bringing you tenderness and support. If your heart is free, the Sun can awaken your desire for adventure, or even, for some of you, provoke an important encounter.

Third Quarter: The Sun in this aspect will put your sentimental life in the spotlight. If you live in an ongoing relationship, it will help you establish deep complicity with your spouse or partner. If you are lonely, the star of the day can create surprise and offer you a sensational encounter.

Fourth Quarter: Venus will be in the area of ​​your theme related to love and encounters. This promises you a very successful love life, whether you are single or already tied. Mercury, on the other hand, will allow you to establish a confident and fruitful dialogue with the loved one. What more can you ask for?


First Quarter: The labor sector will be calm for most sign natives, who will see their businesses come to fruition without difficulty. Only some natives of the first decan, influenced by Pluto, may encounter some problems. Be wary if a conflict breaks out in your workplace: you may get into it when nobody asks you for anything, and so complicate you!

Second Quarter: The astral climate of the period could make you make a serious leap forward in your trade. Do not miss the opportunity to surpass yourself by attacking your work with determination and determination. Consider suggestions from your partners and share ideas with them. You could progress at a crazy pace if you know how to take advantage of all the favorable cosmic vibrations of the period.

Third quarter: It is mainly Uranus that will make its impact felt in this period. This planet can cause changes in your work: changing schedules, organization, or even position. Do not worry: the current evolution will be totally beneficial. So, even if you are caught short, keep your confidence.

Fourth quarter: With such an astral configuration, it seems that you have to get either an improvement or new perspectives in your professional life, provided however to accept changes or some mobility in the job. The chances you have are not negligible at all, given the current economic situation.


First trimester: Your good mood and optimism will have a beneficial effect on your fitness. Apart from some risks of aerophagia and bloating, there will be nothing serious to fear. Be wary of the cold, which is very sensitive to your respiratory system.

Second quarter: Dynamism up thanks to Mars, the energy planet. You will overflow with tone, and you will refuse to remain inactive. Be careful not to take too much risk: dangerous sports and other challenges may tire you more than you think, or even cause a small injury.

Third quarter: The Sun, the master of vitality, will give you a strong resistance and a good dynamism of base. In addition, Mars, the master of energy, will also give you an excellent tone. You will be in a dazzling form. Those of you who are suffering from a long-term condition will see their condition improve; It will be time to try new therapies.

Fourth Quarter: Your resistance will be stronger than lately. Indeed, Mars, the master of energy, will multiply your dynamism. All those of you who want to get into the regular practice of a sport should take advantage of this support to finally take action! Fell free to check out this chinese astrology 2018 facebook page


First quarter: The sectors of your theme related to money do not host any planets at the moment. Your financial balance will be solid. Some natives may be affected by the square between Jupiter and Pluto, which may push them to engage in purchases beyond their means or to choose investments too risky.

Second quarter: Good basic balance in the financial field. But will you be able to preserve it? Subjected to the impact of the square between Jupiter and Pluto, two planets that are inherently linked to money, you risk jumping into unsafe financial transactions without precaution. This will not be the time to change your investments or decide to make a major purchase.

Third Quarter: You will be part of the fairly financially protected signs; This will not really be the case for everyone, so enjoy it. In the event of turbulence, you will know how to react quickly and well in order to avoid difficulties.

Fourth Quarter: The global environment will give you a valuable boost. So, a rather reasonable investment should bring you very unexpected profits very comfortable. You will effectively control the management of your finances, and everything will run according to your plans.