How to become a psychic?

When we try to answer the question “how to develop clairvoyance” we say that the first thing to develop must be the third eye, and for it to work the three higher chakras must be fully charged by triple nature spiritual energy flowing from the soul Until the aura. These energies come from three different planes, spiritual, called Manas, Buddhi, Atma and precisely they are those who are in charge of energizing the pineal and pituitary gland. However, we must bear in mind that achieving the opening of the third eye is not a simple task since the components of the eye represent the same materials with which the aperture should be sought.

As we have explained, the third eye represents an energetic center when it comes to developing clairvoyance and produces the entrance and exit of that energy; To be able to activate it and thus to be able to develop the capacity of clairvoyance is necessary: ​​a change in the personality; Build the Antakarana (a bridge that allows the passage of energy); Direct all energies towards the three higher chakras; Rebuild the aura; Commit to a spiritual development and once this has been achieved, the third eye will begin to develop gradually until we can fully control this new faculty. So we answer the question of “How to develop clairvoyance” of fast and concise manrea.

Clairvoyance is generally called clairvoyance, but this term is not considered accurate. What these people who have developed clairvoyance say that information comes to them through psychic and mental channels and then the massage received is translated and externalized by the clairvoyant, for this reason, clairvoyance is called psi-gamma. Clairvoyance is classified into two complementary parts; On the one hand we can distinguish clairvoyance in terms of space / time that specifically refers to the message, it may correspond to the past, and is called “retrocognition”; To the present “Videncia” and to the future “Precognition”, in any case in all these cases the faculty is the same. Many people ask, “How do we develop clairvoyance?” We tell these people that we all have the capacity to develop it, but in order to do it in a positive way it takes a lot of effort.

We say this because there are two types of clairvoyance and one of them is precisely in positive clairvoyance, it is that voluntary, where the individual is trained at will; This type of clairvoyance usually develops having a pure life of service and it is important that when the person has developed his ability of clairvoyance, he is correctly trained in the use of his power. Clairvoyance-glass-ball In the case of negative clairvoyance, we can say that it is involuntary and occurs when the person is presented with visions of internal worlds without having control over the vision. Needless to say, unintentionally developing this type of clairvoyance can be very dangerous since the person who is receiving it is exposed to the possession of entities that as we know, can seriously affect not only the health of the person but also his life completely .

There are two small organs in the brain called the pineal gland and the pituitary body, and until now, science has not made much progress in investigating the functions that these organs must fulfill. The pineal gland would become what we all know as the third eye. It is important that we consider this since both organs are not atrophied and in degeneration as many scientists say, they are simply asleep. In ancient times, men were connected to these organs, being the only means of perception, but nowadays most people have these centers completely asleep and precisely this factor is the most difficult to develop positive clairvoyance . As for the refusal, its development is much easier since it depends entirely on the level of activity that these centers possess.

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