How to meditate properly – learn how to meditate

Meditation is a word to describe a state of mind which is very quiet and in touch with your true inner spirit. This inner spirit has all the answers and guidance you need. This is because a holy energy resides deep within yourself. Some call this God, others call it a Higher Power, but whatever name is used, this Divine source energy is very powerful and beautiful. When the mind is cluttered with input, mental chatter and what must be done, you aren’t able to hear what your inner self (the source energy) is telling you. But through meditation, you can become more aligned with this part of yourself, and things become clearer, and less confused. Your intuitions are greatly enhanced and you are able to tune into this perfect guidance system.
how to meditate effectively
First of all, you need to have a time when you won’t be interrupted by the phone or excess noise. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing and if possible, try to meditate when you are slightly hungry. (optional: dab a little essential oil like meditation, psychic power, Pisces, or vision quest on your forehead. Light some incense or a candle). The more you follow a routine, use a special meditating place, or use a special scent for meditating, the quicker you will reach your meditative state in subsequent sessions. It alerts your subconscious mind that it’s time to meditate.

I like to sit back in a recliner because I tend to fall asleep if I’m in the bed. But whatever works for you is fine. Just as long as you are very comfortable and won’t be distracted by a strained position. Try to make sure your head, neck & spine are aligned.

It’s a good idea to say a protection prayer before meditation because you will enter an altered state. Here is a good one, “The white light of Divine protection surrounds me now, sealing off all negative energies, thoughts and experiences. Only goodness and purity may penetrate this wonderful light and I will send only goodness out through it. Thank you heavenly Father for this perfect protection.” Then visualize this white light totally surrounding you, like a cocoon.

Now relax your body and empty your mind of all worries, strains, and concerns. “Quietly now, I release myself from all outer concerns. I float serenely above the affairs of the day, untroubled by people or things.” Go from your feet up to your head and make sure all parts of your body are relaxed. Especially pay attention to your head, scalp, jaw, tongue, forehead. You’d be surprised how much tension is held in the head.

Now you are ready to begin your journey. There are many different methods for reaching a meditative state. Here are some of them:

Jose Silva, author of “The Silva Mind Control Method” suggests that you get very comfortable, relax all parts of your body, close your eyes and slightly roll your eyes upward. Concentrate on your “inner eye,” your middle forehead, and then count backward from 100 to 1. Somehow this helps to push all mind chatter out and allows you to achieve a very relaxed state.

Another method is, once you have relaxed your body and mind, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating upward. Imagine yourself traveling upward through a rainbow and spend some time in each color (which directly relates to the 7 chakras, if you are familiar with them). Then float up to a doorway and enter a room with brilliant white light. Notice a stairway leading downward, and imagine yourself stepping down 9 steps. With each step, say “deeper,” which lets your subconscious mind know you are reaching a deeper state of mind with each downward step. When you reach the bottom, then go about your visualizations, affirmations and problem solving.

You may like to use a guided meditation tape, some of which are listed below, and can be purchased at the bigger book stores, music stores or new age shops (or ordered through this site). These are great because you just sit back, relax and follow the directions. Whatever works for you.

Before meditating, think about a certain problem or area that you are concerned about. Don’t try to tackle too many things at one sitting. Then when you are in the meditative state, visualize yourself as if you have already worked through the problem. The trick is to convince your subconscious mind that it has already been solved. The subconscious mind is like your employee and the conscious mind is like the boss. The employee does whatever the boss tells her to do. So if you say frequently, “I am so tired,” the subconscious thinks, “the boss says I tired, so I better make it so.” The sub mind regulates and controls all bodily functions, so there is much power there, but you can direct this part of you to have your body working in a more efficient, calmer way just by monitoring your thoughts.

After meditating, it’s important to return your body to it’s grounded, conscious state. So if you used the stairway method, imagine yourself walking back up the 9 steps. If you used the Silva method, just imagine yourself floating downward to your physical body and settling in. Then count from one to five, telling yourself, “I’m coming back now.”

If you have never meditated before, don’t worry if you don’t reach a meditative state the first time. Just work at relaxing your mind. It may take a few times to reach it. But perseverance pays off. Keep yourself relaxed during a session. If you notice any tension, or seem to be trying too hard, gently return to a relaxed state and think of nothing. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, just let it happen naturally. And don’t expect huge revelations at first either. Usually what happens is just a peaceful feeling overcomes you. Then later in the day, an idea may suddenly pop into your mind, or you find yourself in the right place at the right time. It is your inner self guiding you, many times in a very silent and subtle way. When you make a connection with this spiritual center of yours, and do it regularly, you begin to get a totally new attitude of life. You notice more coincidences in your favor, start experiencing more abundance & less stress, and are more tolerant of others. You are guided toward more satisfying experiences, and like-minded people. You begin a new journey, guided toward your true potential and mission in life.