I think my Child might be Psychic how can I help him?

Most Children are Psychic, but again some are destined to work with gift, others are not. Just as I refuse to do a reading for anybody under the age of 18 years I would urge anybody with a suspected Clairvoyant Child to keep out of it, you must leave your child to develop at their own pace, for goodness sake don’t encourage them to interpret teacups or cards or anything else, they are far too young. Children must be allowed to be children first and formost. Do not worry, Spirit are very mindful of Children and your child will be very well protected. To obtain more information about spiritualism seek advice from your local spiritualist church who will be able to provide guidance. If you wish to Psychically protect your childs environment on sleeping I can suggest this technique, Similar to the Bubble of Protection method, Meditate and Imagine a bubble of white light extending away from you, extend this bubble so that it fills the Child’s Room and continue this method so that the entire home is filled with bright white light. This method also works well after an attack of Night Terrors.

What do you mean when you say that you Have to Tune In? To “Tune in” is another way of saying that I have to “Heighten my Vibrations” this is something every Spiritual Worker does prior to carrying out a reading. When we communicate with spirit we have to reach them and to do this we heighten our vibrations by going into a near meditative state, or trance. Are there Evil Spirits? Just as there are good and bad people, There are entities operating with a Lower Vibration. However, protect yourself throughly before commencing any spiritual work and this should not present any problems.

How can I Protect Myself when doing readings?

I am very keen on the subject of Psychic Protection it has been my experience that many people do not take steps to protect themselves before commencing Occult activity. Just as you wouldn’t venture into a muddy field on a rainy day without Wellys and an Umbrella you should always protect yourself when commencing any reading or ritual. Here is one practical suggestion; The bubble of Protection – Prior to commencing a Reading sit calmly and imagine a bubble extending slowly away from your body, this bubble will envelope you and protect you. When the Reading has completed bring the bubble in slowly. Use the above advice everytime you meditate, when you are opening your Chakras, the list goes on.

Do you have to be a Christian to be Spritualist, there is alot of conflicting information, Im Confused?

Absolutely not, there is a great deal of snobbery out there, directed at Pagans who have the Spritualist Gift. Essentially if you have the gift of Clearsight then you have it regardless of your colour creed or beliefs. There is a lot of conflicting information out there, essentially many spritualists believe that a soul or sprit can return back to the earth plain many times in which to learn spiritual lessons for which the spirit can then progress, this is not something that many Christian Churches would agree with. There are many different Spiritualist Churches and organisations and each with their own unique view on things, my advice would be to shop around.