Love Tarot Reading Example for solving relationship problems

relationship problem tarotDear Sandra,

From your mail I understand that your marriage with Max is going through some bad weather. I designed a relationship spread to figure out the causes / results / guidance for such a situation.

1. What binds your relationship : 3 of pentacles
You work together as a team to maintain stability and contribute to the whole. This may be referring to how both of you contribute towards keeping your marriage intact. Although you may have been able to achieve a sturdy foundation for your relationship, the finer details and those small gestures of love may be missing. There may be a feeling of having just the bare minimum in place, without the frills.

2. How you feel in the relationship/ your role : 6 of wands

You may be feeling that you have done a lot of work for your relationship and you deserve the acclaim for that. You may also have been feeling that you are still managing to keep your head above water. Besides you seem to realize that the work is not over yet, and you are keeping up hope and courage to make things work, even if it means not getting enough help from the outside.

3. How Max feels in the relationship/ his role : King of wands
Max seems to be an energetic but restless man. The positive aspects of his personality manifest themselves in his chivalry and charm, but he is assertive when he feels things are not going his away. At such times, he is coming across as forceful. He confronts directly instead of taking the easy route. This may disturb the peace of the situation and may become a cause for drama.

Both cards 2 and 3 are fire signs and together, your energy is like adding fuel to fire. Neither of you seems to hold back when the situation most needs such a step back.

4. Where is the relationship heading : 10 of swords

With the present goings on, the stage is being set for a dramatic end of the relationship. If things continue like this, this relationship may end on a very bitter note. One or both of you may be left feeling like a victim. 10 of swords is the feelings of conflict taken to the extreme, resulting in a sorrowful end.

5. What is the root cause of strain in the relationship : Knight of cups
The quality of being temperamental and taking offense too easily seems to be causing the unpleasantness. Emotions seems to be getting the better of common sense. Mood swings may be a common phenomenon. May be a longing to look for greener pastures has surfaced and all of a sudden things around don’t appeal so much.

6. What you can do to improve the situation : 4 of swords
Some time of quiet contemplation about where things are headed and what you should do next will help you feel calm and at peace. This card is essentially asking you to hold back strong emotions at this time. This may not be easy but it will bring forth the larger picture and the realization of why both of you came together in the first place. The main reason for conflict in this relationship is the lack of patience and emotional bonding.

7. What Max can do to improve the situation : The Moon
He is feeling intrigued and confused by certain things around him, but he must not rush into any decision. There are some things that are still hidden. He does not have all the information at this time, so this is not the right time to make any decision/ reach any conclusions. This card is telling him to hold on for some time. Things will clear up by themselves.

Both cards 6 and 7 are trying to tell you both to go slower and not rush into anything extreme.

8. Supporting influences : 7 of wands
This card gives you a positive message to not run away from the situation, but to face it head on. Not walking out and staying put may give this relationship a chance. This is not going to be easy as there are quite a few challenges to overcome.

9. Hindering influences : 6 of swords
One of both of you may be thinking of walking out of the relationship to look for greener pastures or just some peace. Such a tendency will hinder a resolution of your conflict and may actually prove to be the last nail in the coffin. Also, hoping for a miraculous change that may alter everything so that both of you can start things on a totally fresh note may not be a reality. Instead of running away, accepting each other for who they are is the need of the hour.

10. Best that can be achieved : Wheel of Fortune
There seems to be a potential of things working out eventually, amidst all the highs and lows of life. The situation may turn around and things may look up again. Though, ups and downs will be a part of it as they are of any relationship so to speak. Wheel of Fortune represents our lack of control over such things. For this, both of you need to step back and try to look at the big picture (cards 6,7) and give it some time. Without such an action, state of the things will only deteriorate (card 4). The lesson of this card is to let things take their natural course and see where your relationship goes. Of course, this will happen after cards 6 and 7 are followed.