Major changes in 2018, The Dog of the Earth. Chinese zodiac for each zodiac

Rat: This year, you may be followed by a vague feeling of dissatisfaction, even if things are going well for you. Do not listen to that inner voice that tells you to see everything in black only. Look at life with more serenity, and realize that you have absolutely no reason to complain or worry. Appreciate everything you have and all the good things that happen to you!

Ox: In order to amplify the celestial influences of this year and to diminish the negative impact, it will be in your best interest to take a life balance and begin to make new plans. Every time you trust yourself and you look enterprising and innovative, your luck will smile. But on the contrary, if you do not try to change what’s happening in your life and if you complain in an unsatisfactory routine, then luck will turn your back.

Tiger: The Chinese New Year is particularly promising and you can succeed in everything you’ve been proposing. The best advice you should keep in mind is to trust you. Go ahead without asking too many questions. If you hesitate, you will risk losing special occasions that may appear in your path. You know you can not have luck indefinitely, and if you do not take full advantage of the excellent climate of the year, you could get into a difficult situation next year. Get rid of doubts and advance!


This year, you will become more secure and you will support your originality, especially in your career, where your qualities will be recognized by your superiors and colleagues.

But you will also tend to adopt too radical positions, so try to be moderate. By refusing to make concessions, you will even antagonize those who just want to help you. Wait for your luck to smile!


Your personal development will be highlighted this year.

You will discover new things that interest you and you will better understand the direction of your destiny. Many of you will be attracted to everything connected with spirituality. Your natural generosity will prove useful to others. Think of it if you ever need to make an important career choice.


The year may be marked by significant surprises. Now, as a native of this sign, you mad at everything that is unpredictable.

However, it will be in your best interest to act quickly if changes come and disturb your program in the professional environment. Given the favorable astral configurations of the year, such changes will benefit you, provided you take risks and say yes to the challenges. Do not question your skills, you will find the resources needed to make the most of any change.Go here to read more about your zodiac sign.


Astrids promise you a year full of pleasant surprises, especially in your career or in your social life.

However, you may encounter some obstacles in your path. Now, to meet the challenges of the year and make the most of them, you have to be in good shape. Therefore, it is imperative to give priority to your health. A stable and balanced lifestyle, a proper diet and regular medical check-up will prove to be the best way to protect against any health problems.

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