natural clairvoyance: Power or hallucination?

As we all know, priests of religions such as voodoo, umbanda or even shamanism, are attributed powers of natural clairvoyance, however, this type of clairvoyance will be nothing more than a power induced by the intake of different preparations based on herbs hallucinogenic Cause the people who consume them to enter into a kind of trance which causes them to see different hallucinations, so what is the difference between a natural seer and one whose visions are purposely provoked ?, the answer is more than simple as it jumps in sight. Those people who really have the power of natural clairvoyance do not get their visions by using some kind of substance that can alter their senses, that is, their capacity as a seer is completely natural.

Now, in the case of the shamans, we must say that the “seer” of the tribe is responsible for receiving the messages that were interpreted to their believers, that is to say that in this case, this natural clairvoyance is about Simply to give a message interpreted by the gods, but as we have said, these hallucinations are obtained from different preparations that cause these people to begin to hallucinate. Nevertheless it is possible to emphasize that at the moment there are many people who attribute the same powers of natural clairvoyance and precisely obtain this “skill” ingesting narcotics and all kinds of substances that help them to see images about situations that they want to interpret in their minds .

And taking into account that natural clairvoyance is one of the resources most used by those who find themselves in desperate situations, it is necessary to be very careful with the type of seer with whom it is treated. Finally, and referring to this issue, the best way to differentiate a person who has natural clairvoyance as a gift and not as something induced, is not asking questions that alone we know the answers, as many people think, but all Natural seers are often subjected to parapsychological tests to determine not only the natural clairvoyance capacity they possess, but the type and level. Since the natural clairvoyance can be presented with clairvoyance about the past, including clairvoyance about past lives, clairvoyance of the present, in which we receive images of what is doing at this moment some person who may or may not be related to us, and Future, in which a person who possesses this power can see what will happen in a given time period at a future time. Although there are a few cases of people who present the gift of natural clairvoyance in these three times (past, present and future), parapsychology has not gone much further in this study.

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