Psychic Predictions – Can A Psychic Predict The Lottery Numbers?

Psychic predictions are a great way to see into the future. They offer you a glimpse into the future, before it unfolds.

As fascinating as they are, psychic predictions do have their limitations. One of their limitations is the ability to predict the winning lottery numbers. keytofuture Psychic Predictions Can A Psychic Predict The Lottery Numbers?

Why Can’t A Psychic Predict The Lottery Numbers?

It is first important to understand what psychic ability is. Having this understanding will help to shed a new light on psychic predictions, and what they can be used for. We first need to explore psychic ability as a spiritual gift, to make this idea clearer.

Psychic Ability Is A Spiritual Gift

Psychic ability is a spiritual gift from God that is bestowed upon every human. Psychic ability is meant to be used to help others along their path in life. Psychic predictions, sometimes called “psychic insights”, are to be used for the greater good of mankind. When another human being seeks help from a psychic, the psychic must use his god-given gift for the highest good of the other person. Since psychic ability is a gift, if misused, it can be taken away from the individual.

Predicting The Lottery Numbers

Since psychic ability is a gift from God, if a psychic was able to use their psychic predictions to tell the lottery numbers, what do you imagine would happen?

For one, the psychic’s ability to make psychic predictions would be corrupted. It would no longer be getting used for the highest good of other people. Rather, it would be used to feed the greed of people who think that money is power, or people who do not understand that money does not buy happiness.

The psychic would be selling his or her psychic predictions to the “highest bidder. Or worse yet, the psychic would use this knowledge for his or her own personal gain, and the psychic would then become spiritually corrupted, no longer using his psychic predictions for the highest good of others.

Psychic predictions are fascinating to me. They give me a chance to share the future with other people.

Predicting The Oklahoma City Bombing

I can still clearly remember when I predicted the Oklahoma City Bombing on a live radio show, 90 minutes before it happened. That was one of the psychic predictions that I sometimes wonder if I should have predicted publicly.

The reason I wonder about this is because it was so painful to me to be able to know about something like this before it happened. Sure my prediction had been on file with the FBI for 4 months previous to the bombing, but that still didn’t make it hurt any less. I was as emotionally affected by making that prediction, as the people were who heard it.

Do All Of My Psychic Predictions Come True?

Not all of my predictions come true. It seems that I have about a 93% accuracy rate with my psychic predictions, but not all of them happen. Sometimes, part of a psychic prediction will come true, and then later, the rest of it will happen. But usually, the complete prediction happens all at once. Find out what 2018 horoscope predicts for you :

So Why Do Some Psychic Predictions Not Come True? tarot purplecandle Psychic Predictions Do All Psychic Predictions Come True

Psychic predictions not coming true does not always mean that the prediction was not accurate. There are many factors that can affect the outcome of a psychic prediction.

For example, since free will is involved in most things, especially when it comes to predicting the lives of others, their free will can change the prediction. Let me explain this a little more.

Free Will And How It Alters Psychic Predictions

We all have free will. It is our free will that is responsible for the outcomes of our lives. In other words, the choices we make, determine the outcomes in our futures.

So if I make a prediction today, and next week you choose a different path, it will alter, or completely change the outcome of your life. This will also alter or change the accuracy of the psychic prediction.

Psychic predictions are based on the path that a person, place, or thing is on at that specific time. If you think about it in this light, it is remarkable that psychic predictions come true.

Psychic predictions are interesting to hear, and even more fascinating when they come true. But hopefully now, you have a better understanding of the influences that can affect the outcomes of psychic predictions.