Psychic Reading Example – advices for Nicole

Dear Nicole,

From your mail I understand that amidst your problems with your ex-husband and dealing with the loss of your surrogate father, the things that you need to take care of immediately are selling off your current house, finding a new house and a new job in a locality you stayed in earlier.
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If you do decide to sell off your house, there may be a feeling that it sold off at a blowout price. It may take 6-7 months before you are able to find a good deal to sell it off. You next house will possibly have wooden floors, one of the french doors facing east and you’ll probably need to repaint it from the inside. Your next house will be possibly near a water body and you would be able to have a view of the water from your house.

Your job hunting may pick up speed after you move into your new house. One of the visuals related to this showed you sitting on the floor of your new house and glossing over some job ads. There was a small fluffy, whitish dog roaming around you while you were going through the stuff. A lady who owns a shop in the area where you are moving may help you with some information regarding your job hunt. You may have known this lady. This lady possibly works at the money counter of this shop and has short, dark, curly hair. She may introduce you to someone in the shop who may be able to help you with your job search.

In the area that you are planning to move, you may feel like there are many opportunities for a certain kind of skill, but not many for your kind of skills. It seems that there will be many opportunities related to restaurant and hospitality business but not so many related to medical. It seems to me that you are looking for a job in medical related field.

Another visual showed you sitting at a desk and doing some paper work. This looked like an office environment and you seemed quite at peace with your surroundings. This may be referring to your future job in the new locality. While you were working, a dragon comes over and tries to tickle your feet. You recognize him and give him a paper on which you write ‘Well Done!’. This dragon may be your guardian dragon whom you may have known through your dreams or meditation.

Another visual showed you in your current home, ready to leave for the new locality. You were taking out your resume from an old trunk and picking up a trophy. This is telling you to make use of good references and achievements in finding your next job. This also tells you that howmuchever you may feel like leaving behind everything to start a totally new life, you will benefit from your past achievements and references.

Numbers 5,6,3 appeared in one of the visuals. These numbers, seen hanging at the entrance of your new house may be related to the number of the house.

Then I asked for a message for you. Now please don’t laugh at this. Sometimes I receive funny messages but when looked closely, they seem to pack a punch. The message for you is : Heart is not a cookie that cannot be mended once it is broken. This may make sense in your situation because of possible hurt that you may have received from certain people around you. This message tells you not to cut off ties completely with your current circle either. I wonder if this has a significance to your ex-husband too.

Another visual, meant to be a future visual showed you driving a convertible and feeling very happy. This is telling you that good times are in store for you and you will be able to feel free and back on your feet.