Questions to ask a psychic

Why should I get a Psychic or Tarot reading?

A Tarot or Psychic reading helps you figure out whether you are on the right track, what areas of your life need attention, your unconscious hopes and fears, past patterns, influences of surroundings and possible future events. With the aid of the information made available to you, you can help yourself make suitable decisions and decide your future course of action.

What areas of my life can your Tarot readings and Psychic readings address?

Psychic and Tarot readings about love, relationships, emotional issues, education, career, jobs, finances, new ventures, loans, relocation, new homes, new vehicles, property, life path, spirituality, art and creativity.

Since you are a Psychic, why can’t you know a winning lottery number?
I believe that above all else, there is a Universal power that controls what we need to know and what we don’t. What we need to know will come through and there are areas that the Universe may keep from us for the sake of our spiritual learning and karmic balance.

ince you are a Psychic, why do I even need to tell you anything? You figure out my question.

I may be able to figure out your problems after spending some time concentrating, but that may or may not turn out to be your primary concern at the moment. For example, I may figure out that you are having problems at work which may be true, but your concern of the moment may have to do with your son. So it is best to provide some background information about what is bothering you or what you wish to know more about, when ordering a reading.

How is it possible to perform a reading for someone when they are not present in front of you?

All the information about every single event and person is available in the Universe. It is up to us to tap it or leave it. This information is available to us irrespective of geographical or temporal distances.

What kind of questions can I ask during Psychic and Tarot readings?

Here are a few examples of questions you can ask during Psychic and Tarot readings. Instead of asking a simple yes or no question, it helps to identify the major points in your situation and request information about them. Listing down your major concerns about the situation and then framing your questions around them will be very useful.

What do I need to know about my relationship / career / new venture etc.?
How will a long-term relationship between Matt and I work out?
How can I improve my relationship with Catherine?
What are the reasons for Jim’s cold behaviour with me lately?
What are my prospects of getting a promotion at work during this quarter?
What can I expect to hear regarding the home loan I have applied for?
Which of the available choices will turn out to be more beneficial in the future?
If things continue like this, what can I expect in the near / far future about my current situation?
What are the underlying reasons for my writer’s block and how can I overcome it?
What can I expect at my new job / home / locality / school?
What will be the general scene during the next week / month / year?