The Three Myths and Advices Regarding Clairvoyance

Myth no. 1
The most common myth maintains the hypothesis that “the images that occur as a result of this phenomenon, occur at the exterior of our body and they are colorful and detailed”. Two aspects need to be clarified in this case. Firstly, the people who receive this kind of messages are seeing with the eye of the mind, from the same place your imagination creates images. Remember, these are not images that occur outside yourself. Secondly, another misconception maintains that the received images are full of color and contain elaborate details.

Advice no. 1
The images that occur as a result of this phenomenon are not detailed, they are incomplete in most of the cases. For example, in case you have the vision of a face, you will be able to see only the shape and the style, but the characteristics of the respective face will not be clear. Most of the times, you will be able to remember only a small part of the image. Keep in mind that these images occur in your mind, not outside yourself.

Myth no. 2
“Clairvoyance is a gift you are born with, whether you have this ability or not.” Most people consider themselves clairsentient, because they recognize most intuitive messages they receive through their feelings. This doesn’t mean they cannot also develop their ability to receive messages through visual images.

Advice no. 2
It’s important to trust your capacity of developing this ability, because you are a being endowed with the sense of sight. By practicing observation of the images that occur in your mind or by consciously creating this kind of images, you will become more familiar with the eye of your own mind and with the messages you receive.

Myth no. 3
“The experience of an image occurred as a result of our imagination is different than the one that occurs as a result of a clairvoyance experience”. Many of us would expect that an image occurred as a result of this intuitive phenomenon to be completely different than one that is the result of our own imagination. However, there are very little differences between these two types of images. Also, another misconception is about the place where “the eye of the mind” resides. In fact, this “eye” doesn’t have a special place in your head and even if it had, it hasn’t been discovered yet.

Advice no. 3
You will experiment the intuitive messages in the same way you live the experience of common images. For example, imagine you are in front of your house. Can you create this image and look at it with the “eye of the mind”? This is the way the intuitive messages occur in your mind.