These are the creepy predictions of Nostradamus 2018!

Though it is only September 2017, there are more and more people pointing to Nostradamus’s predictions of 2018, which we have to take seriously, as if we look back at what has happened in recent months, we can see that there were some prophecies that were more or less realized.

Nostradamus predicts for 2017, for example, that America is unmanageable, Latin America is rioting, Italy is struggling with financial difficulties, huge wars explode worldwide, China takes bold steps to restore economic equilibrium, North and South Korea unite, Ukraine and Russia is making peace, and solar energy is being used more widely.

Nostradamus does not predict good things for 2018, which is not surprising, as the one who follows the news is well aware that the storm clouds over the Earth are growing, but the storm will not break in the next four months but in 2018.

If the prophet is not mistaken, next year there will be a number of important events that will transform the whole world, including heavy wars and massive disasters. According to one of Nostradamus’s predictions, the dead rise from which many people come to the conclusion that the zombie apocalypse erupts.

There is a more realistic likelihood of a loss-causing epidemic. Others are trying to interpret Nostradamus’s vision in a transposed way. For example, some research on medicine related to resuscitation will reach a breakthrough in 2018.

It is also expected in the following year that serious changes will be made in the lives of nations, resulting in the rearrangement of political and other power relations. In addition, huge natural disasters can spill on some continents. This may be a sign that, after Hurricane Harvey’s destruction, Hurma Irma is now in the United States.

Nostradamus’ further bad news for 2018 is that France will start an unstoppable process that will sweep across Europe. Many of them clearly infer from terrorism, but a civil war can not be ruled out where locals are filled with the fear of the Muslims, the inertia of politicians and take control of their own hands and deprive migrants of their country.

Nostradamus also dated the huge outbreak of Vesuvius in 2018, as well as the fact that America has a massive earthquake series that can cause the Yellowstone superpower to erupt. The prophet also predicted the outbreak of the World War, but the question is whether the Third World Bomb will be in 2017 or 2018.

Certainly, seeing the current global political situation, various crises, North Korea and terrorism threats, natural disasters, it is not difficult to believe in the prophecies of Nostradamus.

According to Nostradamus, in 2018, the dead will be resurrected. This has to be understood literally and persisted by an upcoming zombie apocalypse or some kind of rabies-related epidemic.

Others, in turn, are trying to interpret the words of the great prophet.

In this case, it may also mean that some attempts at resuscitation in medicine are successful, with a major breakthrough in 2018.

There are huge changes in the life of the universe, and political and other power relations will be rearranged globally.

However, huge, separate natural disasters will hit each continent. Signs of this have already begun: after Hurricane Harvey, now Hurma Irma has to keep America.

The Nostradamus predictions also reveal that France will start with an unstoppable cataclysm that will ring throughout Europe. Many say it will be terrorism or a civil war situation when citizens rejuvenate the Muslim terror and disrupt immigrants, using all the tools that exist.

He is referring to another, huge outbreak of Vesuvius, and a gigantic earthquake that has hit America, which is likely to be the outbreak of the Yellowstone superpower.

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